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Today morning when i went to drop my daughter to school , on the way back home I got my lessons and inspiration… this GENTLEMAN was cleaning the street near Kalyani Nagar bridge -clad in jeans , T-Shirt and a cap in his early 20’s . He was brooming it as if it was meant to be the cleanest street in Pune..His BROOM looked like an unleashed cricket bat executing some T-20 STROKES.. with enthusiasm and involvement .. I stopped my car and observed him for a couple of minutes and man was he OBLIVIOUS to the world around… he defined engagement at work…. ABSOLUTE INSPIRATION AND HATS OFF TO OUR MILLIONS OF SUCH ” UNSUNG HEROES” . This is probably why it is said “SELF LEADERSHIP COMES WITH PASSION AND NOT POSITION”.

I had the pleasure of conducting my first Open Workshop on Effective Presentation Skills – Interact to Impact at the Taj Vivanta ,Pune on Aug 23rd – 24th . There were 15 partcipants and the session was an amazing experience for me as a TRAINER AND A LEARNER. The particpants were from VODAFAONE, YES Bank , AMDCOCS,CYBAGE , ADITYA BIRLA GROUP , SONNAX, EQUINO FUN  and also very successful self employed professionals. The challenge always is to create a sense of learning and bonding and a spirit to share and provide feedback. I am  delighted to say that all the participants were amazing in participating and providing candid  feedback to others .. to raise the bar of learning… A lot of learning for the group and it was only possible as the group wanted each PRESENTER   to succeed …..THANK YOU ALL AND WOULD LIKE TO SAY HAPPY  PRESENTING…    keep shining and keep sharing…


Hi .. just got back from conducting a session in Hong Kong for a Mutual Fund Client and met some amazing participants … really around 200 and the age group varied from 25 to 85 years.. what a variance .. they were distributors and very successful in their business..Any session , one conducts is a learning for the Speaker and in this session , I had my fair share of learnings and inspiration.Imagine a 85 years old person is sharing his life and passion, a 76 year old gives a ThankYou Speech and mentioned he will continue to shine, and a 65 year old saying HE WILL NOT RETIRE AND WIN one more CONTEST.. this is a spirit of what I mention in my sessions of FLIGHT OR FRIGHT OR AS DISPLAYED AND MENTIONED FIGHT… these are the real stalwarts of the industry who even in such tough times are STAYING AHEAD of the race .. I salute them and would like to say KEEP SHINING . KEEP INSPIRING…