Hi friends. Just got back from a wonderful experience of Speaking and Attending the ASIA HRD CONGRESS , 2012 held in Bengaluru -July 10th to July 12th. I presented on the Learning Track PASSION=PURPOSE=ENGAGEMENT. The.Session was very well received. Thanks to the participants for the involvement / feedback.  It is great to share a platform with so many eminenet persoanlities across the Globe… some of them are legends in the industry…It clearly provided an huge opportunity to Learn,/ Interact/ Network. I feel inspired after the event and while sharing the learning from the conference with my team today ….. we all made a couple of commitments to reach for the next level …. Training is changing and Trainers will have to adapt to the growing alignment with the Business Units…. There is a need to STRATEGIZE THE TRAINING UNITS… both internally and externally.

In today;s tough economic environment where employee engagement is critical , I think the speakers explored and presented various ways for organizations to deal with it.Ofcourse it all starts with the INSIDE of the individual ( to be read as Passion) and moves to the OUTSIDE ( to be read as EMPLOYEE METRICS AND DELIVERABLES –the output and the organization benefits) …. connected through purposeful alignment…. Somewhere it is about converting OBSSESSIVE PASSION  TO HARMONIOUS PASSION

Compliments to the organizers -the SMR.group  headed by Dr. Palan and his Team were wonderful .



Prakash Rohera