ET headline of today( 13/6) screams April Industrial Output Barely up ,adds to gloom and the next to it is the headline Govt needs a Reboot ,say Murthy and Premji…and both talk about India’s Falling Image in the quarter and Mr. Premji even saying that we don’t have a leader. Clearly both  the stories are connected .. and when you have S&P screaming to downgrade India’s rating .. we can see the warning signs… Ofcourse we don’t need an external agency telling us that … but WHO WILL CHANGE THE COURSE…. we all believe it’s the LEADERSHIP  that creates ECONOMIES… JACK WELCH had said “CONTROL YOUR DESTINY OR SOMEBODY ELSE WILL… well the question is WHO ??? -WHO WILL TAKE US TO INCREDIBLE INDIA … an INDIA , we are all so proud of… When the industry captains raise the issues in public forums  and asking questions about LEADERSHIP . we know that a LOT IS AT STAKE… it’s our economic freedom , our VOICE as a second most populous country in the world, the largest democracy in the WORLD  and HOPES AND ASPIRATIONS of a 1.2 Billion PEOPLE…. So the the questions to be asked are IS LEADERSHIP COMING OR LEADERSHIP GONE???/