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Dear Friends,


It gives me immense pleasure to share the happenings with you in the tenth edition of The Redwood Edge Newsletter.

As the saying goes, “All birds find shelter during the rain, but the eagle avoids the rain by flying above the cloud”. This insightful attitude
is a need of the hour for today’s leaders. To borrow from military vocabulary, the world is going through VUCA situations
VOLATILITY, UNCERTAINITY, COMPLEXITY and AMBIGUITY. Leaders and Leadership traits are really going to be tested and will make them rise above the clouds as eagles.

These challenging times, apart from affecting the Economic and political scenarios have a huge impact on the SOCIAL Dimension.
The slowdown affects all age groups in different aspects, from Senior citizens to the youth brigade of the nation, as it mitigates
opportunities. According to 2011India Census, the youth population in the age group 15-34 has years increased from 353 million in 2001 to 430 million in 2011. Current predictions suggest a steady increase to 464 million in 2021.
Recently, I read a report in The Economic Times which mentions that the corporate world needs more than ever before Humble and People oriented Leaders.
According to famous Business Author Ram Charan, leaders in modern times must have Perceptual Ability, Qualitative Judgment, and Credibility in them. Level 5 Leadership as mentioned in Jim Collins’s book GOOD TO GREAT is of paramount importance to showcase

So the question on every Leader’s mind is HOW TO LEAD? If you pick up any book on ‘self-help’, by and large, the initial chapter you see, will be on “leading in challenging times’, In my opinion what matters most is focus on three factors- CHARACTER, PERSPECTIVE AND ACTION.

CHARACTERPersonalities with characters do not command excellence, they do not demand respect, they build it. Leadership- with character is A Philosophy and A Mindset.


PERSPECTIVEStrong Perspective with strong character acts as a catalyst in the LEADERSHIP ENABLING ENVIRONMENT. The perspective on the tough times can really make a difference. The way you lead the organization from the existing position can take the

organization to new heights of Success.

ACTION John Adair’s action centered leadership model is always a hit formula. The components Task, Team and Individual not only determine the individual success, but also organizational success.

This is a facilitator for leaders to run self and Organization through challenging times.


“Organizations don’t make Profits; it’s the People who do.”


Happy Reading!!!



In this edition of our newsletter, we will focus on personalities who overcome odds to succeed in different spheres of life.
I refer to them as Individuals with a high BEAT INDEX.


Believers- They are firm believers in themselves from- values to ability, from passion to change, from team to organization and from family to community. They believe in their Dreams and Vision.

Enablers-This particular style of leadership revolves around three critical elements – Teamwork to Establish Collaboration, Relationships to Harmonize Victory and Tasks to Derive Results.
By practicing all three, a Leader masters what we call the “Art of Involvement” and “Facilitation of a Fair Share of Responsibility.”

Achievers They focus on results and close out excuses from the LEADERSHIP GAME. They inculcate the spirit of Achievement and Execution in the Organization.

Transformers- They thrive on opportunities and are the change agents to create BETTER, BIGGER AND BROADER thinking routes
to adapting and evolving constantly.

Here are examples of some Leaders with a high BEAT INDEX.






Dr. Raghuram Rajan…

                                  A Leader of Hope


Dr. Raghuram Rajan is probably on his way to become a “Financial Rock Star”. A savior, A Doctor for the Indian Economy. His appointment as the youngest Governor of India’s central Bank RBI has been welcomed across all sections. Former Chief Economic Advisor to Government of India Raghuram is now playing the role of lead hero in shaping the ‘picture’ of Indian Economy,
An IIT-IIM alumnus, a Doctorate from MIT, he has many noted achievements and was largely acclaimed for predicting the 2008 slowdown. He is a core economist at heart with a great foresight to analyze the Global Economic situations.



                                 Faces of Global Economy

 Christine Lagarde                            Dr. Janet Yellen


Dr. Janet Yellen has been nominated as the first woman of the Federal Reserve of America. If appointed, she will succeed Ben.S. Ber­nake .With the immense knowledge and awareness that she posseses, she is poised to become one of the most powerful women in the world.

Yellen 67, will be the first woman president in the 100 years history of Federal Reserve. She will be the first woman to lead any central bank amongst top seven countries which include Germany, UK and Japan. This will be a paradigm shift in the male dominated banking industry.
With Christine Lagarde –Chief of International Monetary Fund (IMF), they can change the economic course of the world. Christine is
also a prominent French politician who once ran the international law giant Baker & McKenzie. According to her, leaders must take on complex professional challenges to spark new ideas.

She has tried to change the IMF’s culture while also coping with the European debt crisis and a sluggish Global Economy.









 Brijmohan Lall Munjal…

               HERO behind the Success Story…


Hero Honda was a name synonymous with bikes in India. Every Indian middle class family had the obsession of having either a Hero or
a Bajaj as their two wheeler. Very often, people did not even realize that Hero and Honda were two different companies. The realization
came alive only when the two called it Quits to the long lived partnership.


Brijmohan Lall Munjal, the Man behind the huge success of Hero Motors is no stranger to adversities. For he found his feet in post-Independence India and today is a corporate brand in himself. He faced challenges of varying hues and magnitudes.
But, even for the battle-scarred, nonagenarian, nothing could have matched the intensity of what happened two years ago.


In 1984, the Munjal Group joined hands with Japanese bigwig Honda to manufacture motorcycles in a country that did not think beyond scooters. Initially, he was hesitant as he wanted to follow the trend and make scooters, which the entire middle class had an eye on.
But Honda wasn’t willing.

In fact they had already found a partner in the Firodia’s (makers of Kinetic). But, as fate would have it, Hero Honda and its motorcycles gave everybody a run for their money and, by 2001 it became India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer leaving the leading brands behind. It was indeed a significant milestone in the journey. The company saw steep increase in revenues. But, inexplicably for the industry, on
December 21, 2010, Hero and Honda split. Despite the various phases that Hero Motocorp has gone through, they have come out strongly defying odds and generating revenue of INR 239.43 billion.


Mr. Munjal’s journey at Hero is an extraordinary story of entrepreneurship in the phase of adversity. Moreover, it is the tale of a man who has lived his life on the principle that if you work hard and be good to people around you, success in business will, inevitably, follow. Thus Mr.Munjal symbolizes the famous saying:

“Adversity causes some men to break… Others to break records…”





  K. Radhakrishnan,

                          The Mars Man


On 5thNovember 2013 the satellite ‘Mangalayan’ was successfully sent to Mars. Everyone applauded ISRO for this unique mission.
The humble leader behind this successful mission was none other than K.Radhakrishan. An MBA, and Phd in space applications, he
was handpicked by Satish Dhawan in 1980 to lead budgetary planning division of ISRO. The Institution was then growing rapidly and
so were its budgets. Radhakrishnan was given the responsibility to make 10-year plans for its programmes.

He had to work with ISRO managers on the one hand and the Delhi bureaucracy on the other. It was perfect training for a future leader of ISRO. He watched Dhawan closely, learnt many qualities Dhawan was known for, and developed a knack of preparing meticulous reports.

When he took over as chairman of ISRO, his message to his colleagues, who are the future leaders of ISRO was:

“Take a hard look at yourself”
I’m sure that the leadership of K.Radhakrishnan will take ISRO and Space Science to new heights.





Akio Toyoda,

              The Turnaround Specialist


What if you are the son of chairman of the company and still you have to fill the application form to enter in the company?
The answer is simple; you become Akio Toyoda, who is a trouble shooter, turnaround specialist for the vehicle giant Toyota.
His takeover as the youngest president of Toyota is fuelled with many controversies. But his colleagues describe him as
‘Roll –up –your–sleeves kind of guy”. He overcame all the odds including the ‘vehicle recall’, the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan.
Despite all this, Toyota has retained the position of top carmaker in the world.
Vehicle recall in 2011 was the biggest nightmare in the history of his career in Toyota. But then some leaders are born to lead and born to BEAT the storms.


I always feel a wave of happiness when I read about such extraordinary people. They are the guiding force for us.
It is said that in corporate world, learning is eternal, and I will say that Learning in our daily life is eternal too.
I interact with different people during my workshops and coaching sessions but the one thing which comes out strongly is the;

                                                                      ‘Willingness To Succeed’

In tough times, this zeal equips people to scale new heights of success.


The Redwood Strokes


The year has created a myriad of memories for The Redwood Edge and various opportunities exploring different industries.
It has marked a period where interaction at various levels happened from the senior leadership to the Middle Management and to the
Aspiring Youth. Sharing a few glimpses…


Learning & Organization Development Roundtable is a not-for-profit society driving the cause of Learning & Organizational
Development (L&OD) across Asia. Established in 2010, under the guidance of Dr. Sujaya Banerjee, it is a pioneering initiative in
its own right. The Roundtable is committed to help L&OD practitioners build scalable and sustainable Learning Teams and Organizations.
I was one of the speakers for the launch of ‘L&OD  Pune Chapter’. The topic of discussion was:
“The Only Thing That Matters – Building Character Through Leadership Management”.




Train The Trainer, Leadership and Motivational Sessions

We have trained more than one lakh participants from different companies on various topics. Nothing really excites me more than
my interaction during the TTT Sessions. We successfully trained different trainers of leading corporate companies like Edelweiss,
Uninor, Mercedez Benz. This workshop is held for one or two days where In house trainers of respective companies are trained on
topics such as Sales, Leadership, as well as on delivery methodology and effective communication to participants.


In the last few months, Leadership and Motivational sessions across various industries have essentially been the highlight.
It was really great to address participants across varied industries and countries.



Bankers Academy –Nepal

I had the proud privilege to address a league of bankers in Kathmandu, Nepal. The meet was organized by National Banking
Training Institute, (NBTI), The Banking Academy of Nepal. I also conducted a workshop for the bankers of NIC Bank. NIC
has recently merged with Asia Bank and has become NIC Asia bank. (The first merger in commercial banking in Nepal)


VIT Vellore


As the saying goes, “Youth is progress, youth is power”. When 50 percent of your population is youth, it is always a
feeling of immense pride and pleasure to interact with them. I got a chance to address the youth brigade of Vellore Institute of
Technology at their annual event IMPACT – 2013.



Till we meet again. All the best and KEEP RAISING THE BAR OF LEADERSHIP…­­





Prakash Rohera



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The more sessions i do on leadership , the more i realize it is so individualistic … its all about people and we are calling it as THE BEAT INDEX for LEADERSHIP … BELIEVER , ENABLER , ACHIEVER AND TRANSFORMER .. we are working on this and will keep you posted on the development ….all the best and have a great year ahead…..


Dear Friends,


It gives me immense pleasure to share the happenings around with you through the ninth edition of The Redwood Edge Newsletter.

Leadership is the most powerful way to differentiate a brand. It is the most direct way to establish and showcase an organization’s brand image. Any Leadership brand /personality has three elements – Credibility, Visibility and Connect.  This association works as a collateral to guarantee present and future performance of the organization in the market place. Powerful leaders can take ownership of the words that describe the brand association – the attributes and impact.

Amidst the ever evolving business landscapes, the mantra to thrive is by “Creating a Brand Image” and when a Leader facilitates the brand recall element, it is the miraculous difference that the Leader brings to the organization.  Try thinking Apple  without  Steve Jobs,  Dell without Michael Dell( easy one !!!!) , Infosys without Narayan Murthy , Tata group without Ratan Tata ( another easy one !!!!) , Wipro without Azim Premji , Starbucks without Howard Schultz… the list goes on and on……

Leadership is the courage to dare, to take charge and lead an organization forward … The Leadership journey is a blend of both “Ocean of Emotions” and “Power of Logic”…how smoothly a leader can transact and maintain a balance between the two is what defines a true leader…

Leadership is never a decision but a continued problem solving game…More than aiming at perfection leadership is about continuous value addition. Leadership isn’t necessarily always excellence but always an engagement towards excellence…

A leader isn’t one who never fails…but one who never quits…

Leadership is not a facade…it’s a lifestyle that a leader embodies throughout the journey…

Hence the Title“Leadership – the Eternal lifestyle…”

The inspiration of the title comes from the exceptional contributions made by different leaders to individuals, teams and of course the organization and the influence they had in creating fans out of customers with their Customer Centric Approach. I had the privilege of meeting some of them and apart from admiring, I have learnt a great deal from them.

In this edition we focus on some of the ICONS OF LEADERSHIP, WOMEN LEADERS in the financial space who have created destinies and balance sheets, individuals who fought odds to raise the personal leadership levels, stories of sporting icons who have fallen to shake the very essence of sporting spirit – confirming the view that Leadership is not an act, but an ETERNAL LIFESTYLE.

Happy Reading !!!

Leadership– Determination Defying Situations

“If you want to be inventive, you have to be willing to fail”

Jeffrey P. Bezos of who added $111 billion in market capital and has delivered industry adjusted shareholder return of 12,266% during his leadership – he is now the best living CEO in the World as per HBR, January ’2013edition.

In recent years the online retailer has expanded aggressively and shows no signs of slow down.

Jeffrey believes in his three big ideas at Amazon, which are long-term thinking, customer obsession, and a willingness to invent.


Jeffrey Bezos was always fueled by a secret passion for the infant business of electronic retailing. It was a risky move that he

took in 1994, which quickly paid off for him after the initial years of struggle.

Jeff strives for excellence in his company by creating a successful brand and a culture that promotes openness, support and innovation. Amazon is constantly transforming to sustain its platform of excellence in customer service; it’s the main aspect that keeps Amazon as such a notable brand. Amazon’s revenues are around 61$ Bn and employs around 89,000 employees.

Ratan Tata…
         …the mantle of Values and Leadership passed on…

ratan tata

Ratan Tata, who led the transformation of the Tata group from a conventional corporate house into a $100 billion global conglomerate

with high-profile acquisitions abroad, retired on 28th December 2012, ending a 50-year run in one of India’s oldest business empires.

In a farewell letter to all the employees, he asked the employees to live by the value systems and ethical standards the group had followed all along. In his last lines, Mr. Tata wrote, “Tatas are a group where I feel proud to have belonged and proud to have been associated through the years. I wish the group, Cyrus Mistry and each of you great success in the years ahead. I hope the group grows and shines in the coming years”.

Ratan Tata an iconic corporate leader shows us that it is possible to do business in an ethical way. We salute him as a brilliant leader who went on to attain global heights and wishing him a rewarding life ahead.


The League Of Extraordinary Women – Pillars of the Indian Financial Industry

We present here a few ladies extraordinaire, who are running financial powerhouses in India…

Chanda Kochhar – MD and CEO of ICICI Bank


Power to me means: The ability to impact the lives of common people.”

Chanda Kochhar has been named as the most powerful woman in business in India for the second consecutive year by fortune magazine.

She began her career with ICICI as a management trainee in 1984 and has thereon successfully risen through the ranks by handling multidimensional assignments and heading all the major functions in the Bank at various points in time.

   Naina Lal Kidwai – Group General Manager and Country Head of HSBC India

Naina Lal Kidwai

Power to me means: Being able to make an impact or a difference.”

She is the first Indian woman to graduate from the Harvard Business School. Fortune magazine listed Naina Lal Kidwai among the World’s Top 50 Corporate Women from2000 to 2003.

Naina Lal Kidwai has also received the Padma Shri from the Government of India for her contribution to Trade and Industry. Naina Lal Kidwai took over as the first woman President of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry(FICCI) on December2012

Shikha Sharma – Managing Director and CEO of Axis Bank

Shikha Sharma

Power to me means: The ability to influence change.”

Axis Bank, under Shikha Sharma, is transforming into a full blown financial services firm with retail as well as corporate focus, including complex advisory on mergers & acquisitions and trading, but with minimum risks.

To name a few awards and recognitions to her credit are, Transformational Business Leader of the Year’ at AIMA’s Managing India Awards – 2012, Woman Leader of the year’ at Bloomberg – UTV Financial Leadership Awards –2012.

Kalpana Morparia -CEO, JP Morgan India

Kalpana Morparia

Power to me means: The ability to make a difference.”

For someone who’s standard introduction for years was ‘Kalpana Morparia from ICICI’, she surprised many when she moved from ICICI Bank after thirty three long years over to JP Morgan India as CEO

She was named one of `The 50 Most Powerful Women in International Business’ by Fortune magazine in 2008 and one of the 25 most powerful women in Indian business by Business Today, a leading Indian business journal, in the years2004, 2005 and 2006 and 2008. She was also named one of `The 100 Most Powerful Women’ by Forbes magazine in 2006.
Now, she has to broaden JP Morgan’s footprint in existing areas.

Renu Sud Karnad – Managing Director of HDFC Ltd.

Renu Sud Karnad

Her biggest challenge is growing HDFC while keeping its culture intact.

Over the years she has to her credit enormous awards and accolade like “Outstanding Women Business Leader”  at the CNBC Indian Business Leader Award 2012 and is honored as one of the 25 “Most Influential Women Professional in India.

Non-stop growth can make an organization complacent; eventually leading to stagnation is what Renu Sud Karnad strongly believes and focuses on taking the services to another level.

    Shubha Lakshmi Panse- Chairman and MD of Allahabad Bank

S A Panse

Having got an MSc and diploma in business management and masters in management science from University of Pune she has also done CAIIB and MBA from Drexel University, USA.

She has over 33 years of illustrious banking experience during which she was accredited with several rewards and recognition in diverse fields. She has wide exposure and expertise in diverse disciplines like credit management, recovery, and treasury and information technology at levels in several locations in the country…

Chitra Ramakrishna – MD and CEO of National Stock Exchange

Chitra Ramakrishna

Power to her means: Shunning media glare and letting her actions speak for her work.”

Among the top-20 bourses in terms of market value of listed companies, South Africa’s Johannesburg Stock Exchange and China’s Shenzhen Stock Exchange are the only two exchanges currently headed by lady executives. Chitra will be the 3rd CEO in this exclusive club.

Ms. Ramakrishna has been with the NSE since its inception and at present serves as the Managing Director. She will take charge of India’s largest Stock Exchange from April 1’13.

What happened? A tale of 2 Sporting Icons

Lance Armstrong – We fight to improve the lives of people affected by cancer

Some people pay attention to cycling. Others pay attention to cycling only when the most successful American cyclist of all time is banned from the sport and stripped of his seven Tour de France titles.

Lance Edward Armstrong an American former professional road racing cyclist. Armstrong had won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times between 1999 and 2005, but in 2012 he was disqualified from all his results since August 1998 for using and distributing performance-enhancing drugs and was banned from professional cycling for life.


Lance Armstrong has chosen to voluntarily resign from the board of directors of the Livestrong Foundation to spare the organization any negative effects as a result of controversy surrounding his cycling career.

A brand is built on trust. People buy into a brand because they believe and feel an emotional connection with its values and what it offers. Never was this more apparent than with Lance Armstrong and the former Lance Armstrong Foundation or “Livestrong”.

But what happens when this trust breaks down?  Lance Armstrong a name that inspired millions…  What happens next…?

Oscar Pistorius : Success and Credibility…a joint affair…

oscar pistorius

Around six months ago Oscar Pistorius was watched by millions as he sprinted down the track of London’s Olympic stadium. He made history as an Olympic and Paralympic athlete, being an inspiration to many around the world.    Sometimes referred to as the “Blade Runner”, Pristorious is once again at the centre of the crowd gaze.

On15th February 2013, he stunned a nation that revered “the fastest man on no legs” as a national hero who managed to compete at the highest levels of sport despite being born without a fibula in either leg.

Pistorius stood in the dock a broken man who was accused of fatally shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. He made a tearful appearance at a courtroom in the South African capital, Pretoria.

Ordinary lives; Extraordinary Accomplishments

Mumbai the financial capital of the country becomes a witness to an inspirational story……


  Surmounting all odds, Prema Jayakumar, topped the all India Chartered Accountancy examination. Daughter of a Mumbai-based auto-rickshaw driver, who bravely fights all odds to make his children achieve the very pinnacle of academic achievements.

The dedication and sincerity of his children inspired faith and confidence in him and decided to never let financial difficulties come in between their way. Resident of a one room apartment in the suburbs of Malad, where her brother would sit on the table and she would sit on the floor to study. Prema says  that her key to success is nothing else but sheer hard work and an immense passion for giving her family a comfortable life.

A father rejoices in his daughter’s success and feels that Prema had brought to their family the pride they had hitherto seen only in the news.

The zeal in this 24 year old ordinary girl makes her truly extraordinary…..

A Horse which was her ticket to stardom…

It was a dream come true for the 36 year old beautician R Rajamma as a horse Super Storm ridden by jockey Jimmy Fortune stunned a packed crowd at Mahalaxmi to win the Derby on 4th February2013.

r.rajammaPicture 06

R Rajamma was a staff at the Bangalore turf club who sold tickets years ago, is now a proud owner of Super Storm.  She initially risked all her saved money on a horse which could have ended up into a big failure.

She never lost hope and with a strong belief kept dreaming that a horse would be her ticket to fame. And today her earnings from Super Storm till now stand over Rs 3 crore.

This truly is a scripted, happy ending to an inspirational and touching story of the horse owner. This is like the famous horse “Seabiscuit” which caught the imagination and inspired America during the great depression.

Quick Flashes

A Red Carpet Preview for Steve Jobs First Movie

A Journey of the Apple’s legendary co founder from an experimental youth to a man in charge of one of the world’s most recognized brand. Staring Ashton Kutcher as the tech and entrepreneur who revolutionized the way people listen to music.

Indian Economy

India’s star has lost its luster as the global economy has slowed, exposing the country’s rampant  corruption, rickety infrastructure and shortages of skilled labor. The economy will grow by 6%-plus, but it should be doing better.

Exxon and Apple become world’s most valuable companies 

 Ina year that continued to prove that if Apple makes a product, people will buy it, the tech giant officially became the world’s most valuable company only to slip again to Exxon in last week of January.  The third generation iPad, the iPhone 5, the fourth-generation iPad, the iPad mini and Apple Maps were all released in 2012, and all the while Tim Cook’s leadership style was put under the microscope and compared with Steve Jobs.

The Redwood Edge Strokes

The year 2012 at The Redwood Edge was an absolutely energetic, exciting and a delightful year. On one hand where it marked a moment of pride, it also created a moment of looking at life as “LIFE” on the other.

I had the opportunity of conducting a variety of interactive sessions with a number of esteemed organizations. An enriching experience indeed.

The Redwood Edge TV Commercial on CNBC 18

It gives us a great sense of pride in sharing with you our new TV commercial aired on CNBC TV 18 in January, 2013.


“Life a Rainbow”

A special motivational video by The Redwood Edge unfolding the beauty of life…


Open Workshop

An eventful journey where leaders from different industries came together to explore the importance of presentation and public speaking skills, it’s implications and execution.

The open workshop Interact to Impact was a learning experience for me.

One on One Coaching

Considering the dynamics of today’s market and the critical need to accentuate the leadership skills we had introduced One on One Coaching Programs. It is a pleasure to share that it has been received exceptionally well and is a success with sessions conducted for professionals in leadership roles.

ASTD- American Society for Training and Development

It was a pleasure for me to be a part of the American Society for Training and Development Seminar held in Singapore. A great opportunity to learn share ideas and network

Leadership is not banking on the past but a bet on the future…Leadership is not a coincidence but a philosophy…

Leadership my friend is not today or tomorrow…It’s a Lifestyle for Eternity…


It is always a pleasure to share a few thoughts and stories for us to may be learn from some of them and incorporated into our Personalities. May we keep creating new milestones and create a legacy…as we all are a BRAND .

Like said in the beginning of the Newsletter… it’s about 3 elements – Visibility, Credibility and Connect. It is about believing that Learning is Eternal and…Leadership is Eternal… Remember you are a BRAND.

I hope you enjoyed reading the 9th Newsletter edition and I look forward to receiving your comments at:

Regards and Cheers

Prakash Rohera




Today morning when i went to drop my daughter to school , on the way back home I got my lessons and inspiration… this GENTLEMAN was cleaning the street near Kalyani Nagar bridge -clad in jeans , T-Shirt and a cap in his early 20’s . He was brooming it as if it was meant to be the cleanest street in Pune..His BROOM looked like an unleashed cricket bat executing some T-20 STROKES.. with enthusiasm and involvement .. I stopped my car and observed him for a couple of minutes and man was he OBLIVIOUS to the world around… he defined engagement at work…. ABSOLUTE INSPIRATION AND HATS OFF TO OUR MILLIONS OF SUCH ” UNSUNG HEROES” . This is probably why it is said “SELF LEADERSHIP COMES WITH PASSION AND NOT POSITION”.

I had the pleasure of conducting my first Open Workshop on Effective Presentation Skills – Interact to Impact at the Taj Vivanta ,Pune on Aug 23rd – 24th . There were 15 partcipants and the session was an amazing experience for me as a TRAINER AND A LEARNER. The particpants were from VODAFAONE, YES Bank , AMDCOCS,CYBAGE , ADITYA BIRLA GROUP , SONNAX, EQUINO FUN  and also very successful self employed professionals. The challenge always is to create a sense of learning and bonding and a spirit to share and provide feedback. I am  delighted to say that all the participants were amazing in participating and providing candid  feedback to others .. to raise the bar of learning… A lot of learning for the group and it was only possible as the group wanted each PRESENTER   to succeed …..THANK YOU ALL AND WOULD LIKE TO SAY HAPPY  PRESENTING…    keep shining and keep sharing…


Hi .. just got back from conducting a session in Hong Kong for a Mutual Fund Client and met some amazing participants … really around 200 and the age group varied from 25 to 85 years.. what a variance .. they were distributors and very successful in their business..Any session , one conducts is a learning for the Speaker and in this session , I had my fair share of learnings and inspiration.Imagine a 85 years old person is sharing his life and passion, a 76 year old gives a ThankYou Speech and mentioned he will continue to shine, and a 65 year old saying HE WILL NOT RETIRE AND WIN one more CONTEST.. this is a spirit of what I mention in my sessions of FLIGHT OR FRIGHT OR AS DISPLAYED AND MENTIONED FIGHT… these are the real stalwarts of the industry who even in such tough times are STAYING AHEAD of the race .. I salute them and would like to say KEEP SHINING . KEEP INSPIRING…

Hi friends. Just got back from a wonderful experience of Speaking and Attending the ASIA HRD CONGRESS , 2012 held in Bengaluru -July 10th to July 12th. I presented on the Learning Track PASSION=PURPOSE=ENGAGEMENT. The.Session was very well received. Thanks to the participants for the involvement / feedback.  It is great to share a platform with so many eminenet persoanlities across the Globe… some of them are legends in the industry…It clearly provided an huge opportunity to Learn,/ Interact/ Network. I feel inspired after the event and while sharing the learning from the conference with my team today ….. we all made a couple of commitments to reach for the next level …. Training is changing and Trainers will have to adapt to the growing alignment with the Business Units…. There is a need to STRATEGIZE THE TRAINING UNITS… both internally and externally.

In today;s tough economic environment where employee engagement is critical , I think the speakers explored and presented various ways for organizations to deal with it.Ofcourse it all starts with the INSIDE of the individual ( to be read as Passion) and moves to the OUTSIDE ( to be read as EMPLOYEE METRICS AND DELIVERABLES –the output and the organization benefits) …. connected through purposeful alignment…. Somewhere it is about converting OBSSESSIVE PASSION  TO HARMONIOUS PASSION

Compliments to the organizers -the  headed by Dr. Palan and his Team were wonderful .



Prakash Rohera




I have been invited to speak at, The Asia HRD Congress 2012, taking place for the first time in India from the 10th to 12th July 2012 in ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru  organized by SMR HRD GROUP, Malaysia

It has been an insightful experience for me to speak at the Conferences held in the past at Jakarta, Brunei and Kuala Lumpur. I can definitely share that, it provides tremendous Value Addition in terms of HR and Market Trends and Practices.

It’s a great opportunity to network for the HR and L&D Community and learn new dimensions in the HR and Training World .

I  will be speaking on    PASSION=PURPOSE=ENGAGEMENT
Please visit for further details. If you or your team would like to attend the conference, kindly contact us at .CHEERS PRAKASH..LOOK FORWARD TO THE EVENT AND MEETING SOME FRIENDS….


ET headline of today( 13/6) screams April Industrial Output Barely up ,adds to gloom and the next to it is the headline Govt needs a Reboot ,say Murthy and Premji…and both talk about India’s Falling Image in the quarter and Mr. Premji even saying that we don’t have a leader. Clearly both  the stories are connected .. and when you have S&P screaming to downgrade India’s rating .. we can see the warning signs… Ofcourse we don’t need an external agency telling us that … but WHO WILL CHANGE THE COURSE…. we all believe it’s the LEADERSHIP  that creates ECONOMIES… JACK WELCH had said “CONTROL YOUR DESTINY OR SOMEBODY ELSE WILL… well the question is WHO ??? -WHO WILL TAKE US TO INCREDIBLE INDIA … an INDIA , we are all so proud of… When the industry captains raise the issues in public forums  and asking questions about LEADERSHIP . we know that a LOT IS AT STAKE… it’s our economic freedom , our VOICE as a second most populous country in the world, the largest democracy in the WORLD  and HOPES AND ASPIRATIONS of a 1.2 Billion PEOPLE…. So the the questions to be asked are IS LEADERSHIP COMING OR LEADERSHIP GONE???/